Cedryl acetate





The essential oil cedryl acetate has been applied to chemistry for its properties as a chiral and cell signaling reagent. A lipid and carboxylic ester, it has been extracted from the leaves of Thuja orientalis L., the oil of which has demonstrated antifungal activity against Alternaria alternata. Similar immunotoxicity functions have been recorded in Valeriana fauriei rhizomes and roots.

This carbotricyclic compound produces flavor and fragrance used in perfume products. It is associated with the leafy and bitter flavors of some plants. As a chemical, it appears white or pale yellow in crystalline solid form.

Product Specifications
Cedryl acetate
Cedrol acetate
Cedranyl acetate
Cedran-8-yl acetate
Acetic acid, cedrol ester
(8α)-Cedran-8-yl acetate
8beta-H-Cedran-8-ol acetate

Formula: C17H28O2

MW: 264.40 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store desiccated at room temperature.

PubChem Chemical ID: 6482

Additional information


C-180-1, C-180-10, C-180-2.5, C-180-5


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