Cyclohex99 is the most pure form of cycloheximide available. It is over 98% pure and all toxic isomers have been removed. Cyclohex99 should be used for the most sensitive applications as it is free of impurities. In general, GoldBio’s Molecular Grade cycloheximide is suitable for most experiments.

Cycloheximide is a protein synthesis inhibitor in eukaryotic cells. It prevents ribosomal mRNA translocation during protein translation. Cycloheximide can be used to study cellular processes and inhibit yeast growth. It has also been used to determine half-life of a protein using western blotting techniques of protein cell lysate. Additionally, it has been used to select for CHX-resistant strains of yeast and fungi. It also displays neuroprotective properties.

Product Specifications

Formula: C15H23NO4

MW: 281.35 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store at room temperature.

PubChem Chemical ID: 6167

Air shipments may require special packaging and a small additional box charge.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
O Other
C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

Additional information


C-931-1, C-931-5


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